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Working Method

On average Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe supports 150 aid measures annually. Its aim is the restoration of sustainable living conditions in disaster areas.

Sustainable and effective emergency assistance is not limited to mere survival aid. Preventative and pre-emptive measures aiming at precluding disasters or at least minimising the extent of damage are as much part of the work as programmes of rehabilitation and reconstruction.

Survival aid to alleviate the imminent and most pressing need. It may include the supply of every day necessities such as food, drinking water, blankets and medicine, and the provision of temporary shelter and social services. Normalising and reconstruction measures are designed to help people in disaster areas to take control of their lives once more. The backbone of the work is the restoration of habitation and livelihood.

Provisional and preventive measures help to ease the devastating effects of foreseeable disasters. These may include the improvement of disaster management, construction of shelters in areas threatened by storms, and reforestation and erosion control to ward off floods and landslides. Also included are the cultivation and distribution of drought-resistant seeds in drought-ridden countries, health education and improvement of sanitary facilities, provision of drinking water and medical care to prevent illnesses and epidemics.

In the difficult realm of violent conflicts aid measures are designed to foster reconciliation and peaceful coexistence and to offer perspectives for the future. Highest priority is given to neutrality and strict adherence to the mandate of humanitarian aid (Code of Conduct).

Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe champions the cause that all people have the right to receive humanitarian assistance and humanitarian protection and that ethical principles of humanitarian aid are to be respected by the public and by politics. It also advocates the policy of promoting sustainable models to overcome disasters, to fight the causes and to enhance peaceful and humane perspectives for the people affected.

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