What we do

Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe supports people, who have fallen victim of natural disasters, armed conflict and displacement and who are unable to cope on their own in the emergency situation, in which they find themselves. We help people in great need – worldwide, regardless of their colour, religion and nationality.

Our way of working

How do we see the working environment?

Humanitarian assistance is mostly provided during crises, so we are frequently confronted with complex security situations. The social and economic situation of the population is usually desperate. Working in such difficult circumstances requires very good analysis of the socioeconomic and political power relations, good knowledge of the local conditions and access to the sections of the population that are most badly affected. The way in which aid is delivered is very important to us, and we endeavor to provide our aid in such a way that human dignity is maintained and the context is appropriate.

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Partnerships and networks

We are pursuing a globally coherent and localised approach adapted to local needs and circumstances.


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Conflict, crises and triple nexus

We are focusing on more durable, community-led responses with a nexus approach, where relevant and possible.


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We aim to harness the possibilities afforded by digitalisation to further increase the effectiveness and efficiency of our humanitarian assistance for the benefit of people in need.


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Our focus

How do we see our operational fields?

We work with our partners to develop projects and then present them to donors or fund them ourselves. The areas in which we operate are very diverse. They are selected on the basis of the specialist knowledge of the partner organizations or the local context. We select our partner organizations not on the basis of the field in which they specialize, but on the basis of their experience in humanitarian assistance.