Our vision

DIGNITY in FOCUS – Localised humanitarian assistance

People affected by conflict, crises and natural disasters should be empowered and able to provide for their own needs and, wherever possible, to make their own choices about their lives and future. When they are unable to provide for their own needs, they should be able to express those needs to others, who can provide support. Our work is rooted in the fundamental principles of mutual respect and accountability. How we deliver humanitarian assistance, therefore, should be at least as important as what we deliver.

Our mission

We restore the life and hope of people in dignity.
We empower our partners.
Together, we invest in preparedness, response and resilience.

In a nutshell:
Who is Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe

We are the humanitarian assistance agency of the Protestant Churches in Germany.

We secure survival, we build futures, we prevent suffering.

For this we spent 114 million euros in 2022:

Frau mit Hilfsgütern
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In 2022, we were active in 41 countries in Africa, America, Asia and Europe.


In 125 projects we provided emergency relief, supported people with reconstruction and carried out disaster risk education.

Mit Cash for Work-Arbeit der Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe wird in Bahrain (Swattal) ein Steinwall im Swat-Fluss errichtet, mit dem die Felder vor leichten Überschwemmungen geschützt werden sollen.

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