Our focus

How do we see our operational fields?

We work with our partners to develop projects and then present them to donors or fund them ourselves. The areas in which we operate are very diverse. They are selected on the basis of the specialist knowledge of the partner organisations or the local context. We select our partner organisations not on the basis of the field in which they specialise, but on the basis of their experience in humanitarian assistance. This is why the areas in which Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe operates vary from project to project and from country to country. On the one hand, this makes us flexible and able to respond to all types of disaster and emergency situation. On the other, the specialist support we can offer to partners is limited. However, our strategy process has shown that we have many effective strategies and practical expertise in a wide range of areas.

Where do we want to be?

Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe and its partner organisations have a holistic approach to the provision of humanitarian assistance. Our work is based on analysis of need and risk, is strictly aligned with humanitarian principles and standards and takes account of the special needs of women and girls. This applies at every phase in the provision of humanitarian assistance and has the overarching goal of helping people affected to take control of their own lives.

We want to consolidate the existing expertise, build on it, and thereby position ourselves more strongly in the following areas:

safeguarding, protection and psychosocial support

food security and nutrition

livelihoods and markets

disaster risk reduction and climate change impact mitigation

We will work with partner organisations that specialise in at least one of the four areas or are prepared to strengthen their capabilities.

How do we aim to achieve change?

We want to develop expertise-based concepts and deepen our specialist knowledge in the four selected areas.

We ensure equality of the sexes in our programmes.

Our donors, partner organisations and the public are aware of our expertise and regularly call upon it.